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Hit Television Show Grimm Shoots the Last Episode in Portland

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen countless television shows and movies filmed here including Portlandia and Grimm. What’s sad is that both shows are coming to an end in 2017 and Grimm just shot its last episode on Tuesday.

Grimm is an American occult detective police procedural drama series. It debuted in the U.S. on NBC on October 28, 2011. The show has been described as “a cop drama—with a twist… a dark and fantastical project about a world in which characters inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales exist”, although the stories and characters inspiring the show are also drawn from other sources.  – Wikipedia

Grimm Helped To Put Portland on the Map for popular filming locations in the United States

What’s great about Grimm, besides the cool storylines, is that the show put Portland on the map and made our city attractive to producers and directors who are looking for new, visually stimulating locations to film, compared to the well-known locations used in Southern California and other states.

Since it premiered back in 2011 Grimm has been the one show that’s continued to stick around and according to Bruce Lawson, a key grip on Grimm, the show was the “little show that could” because it continued to stick around over the years in spite of cancellation rumors from network big wigs.

Portland Oregon Locals Worked On the Grimm Set

Even after its last episode, Grimm will continue to be one of the most watched shows online and with all of the trivia about the show what most fans don’t know is that the crew who worked on the show were mostly all Portland locals.

Many of the people who worked on Grimm have chosen to stay in Portland Oregon thanks to the creative environment of the city and even though most of them don’t have similar big budget production jobs lined up yet after Grimm, Oregon Film is working hard on attracting more directors, producers, and companies to consider filming their shows in the Portland Oregon area.


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