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Portland Oregon Locals Shelter In Place Following Coronavirus

Image credit - inoviavein

Coronavirus has been the number one thing on the minds of American’s across the United States for weeks now and it’s finally affected the Portland area as PDX residents shelter in place.

What exactly does shelter in place mean? Will this move effectively help to stop the spread of coronavirus?

In this article, we will break down shelter in place, and provide you with insight into how it’s changed the routines of PDX locals in recent weeks.

What Does Shelter In Place Mean?

Shelter in place, an order that most cities across the United States are implementing since the onset of coronavirus simply means that people should stay home unless leaving to work in an essential job, care for loved ones, or buy groceries.

The goal of sheltering in place is to stop the spread of Coronavirus which has been proven to be transmitted especially among groups of people.

Although Oregon’s shelter in place mandate hasn’t been as stringent the most states, it’s certainly affected us as businesses have been cutting hours or closing down altogether during the coronavirus crisis.

All public venues like bars, restaurants, night clubs, movie theaters or health clubs are closed as a result of coronavirus and the impact is easy to see on local streets as it’s not uncommon for most streets in the PDX area to look empty as a result of people staying home.

Will Shelter In Place Help?

To stop the spread of coronavirus, shelter in place and social distancing are two strategies that are helping to reduce the impact of coronavirus on the United States but the big question is when is it going to end?

As of today (3/27/2020), April 7th appears to be the date that California hops to end shelter in place but that could be extended to April 15th or much longer.

The real battle against coronavirus appears to be happening in big cities as cities like New York and Los Angeles are getting hit hard. The mayor of Los Angeles recently said that residents of LA should be prepared to be locked down for another two months, or longer, depending on if they can slowdown coronavirus in their city.

Here in Portland, while most people stay home voluntarily, it’s an excellent idea for PDX residents to stay smart, stay home if possible and use good common sense like staying out of large groups and washing their hands until the threat from coronavirus diminishes.

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