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Mohanad Elshieky – One Of The Funniest Comedians To Watch In Portland Oregon

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Besides being one of the top cities in the United States for food, craft beer and music, Portland Oregon is also a great place to enjoy comedy including new comedians like Mohanad Elshieky.

Originally from Libya, he came to Portland in 2014 on a student visa and eventually applied for asylum here when the second Libyan civil war started to heat up.

Thankfully, his request for asylum was approved and he’s been able to use his unique background and history in his comedy routine that always leaves people cracking up.

Building A Life In Portland Oregon

Since he originally came here on a student visa, Mohanad’s focus was on going to school and he chose to study supply management at PSU because that was the easiest way for him to get a degree.

His path to comedy wasn’t originally something he planned and he was encouraged to consider comedy after his public speaking teacher recognized that he was a natural at it.

What’s great about Mohanad Elshieky’s stand up routine is that he’s able to share his history and background in a funny way that leaves audiences in stitches while educating them about what immigrants go through in 2019.

The Sky Is The Limit For Mohanad Elshieky

He’s been one of the hardest working comedians over the years and his workload doesn’t show any sign up slowing down anytime soon but Mohanad doesn’t seem to mind because he’s living his dream and since being approved for a Green Card he can travel freely between the U.S. and Canada to perform at comedy clubs in Montreal.

The Internet has certainly helped more people across the United States to become aware of his routine including well-known late night television show hosts like Conan and Jimmy Kimmel plus comedians like Wanda Sykes.

To learn more about Mohanad Elshieky visit his website at

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