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Brad Adkins – Portland Oregon Artist

If you’ve lived in Portland for any length of time, or plan on visiting the area in the near future, you know that the PDX area has a long history of artists and that goes back generations and one of the most well-known artists from this area is Brad Adkins.

About Brad Adkins

Born in Montana, Brad is a self-taught artist who takes pride in repurposing everyday items and using them for his art.

His work has been shown at the Portland Art Museum, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Tacoma Art Museum, The Art Gym at Mercyhurst and numerous other venues. You can also find brands artwork is in the collections of Portland Art Museum, Douglas F Cooley Memorial Gallery at Reed College, and Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Tongue And Cheek Art

Over the years his work has been called “tongue and cheek” because he uses things like street signs and repurposes them to create fresh artwork that people enjoy.

Although he hasn’t been prolific recently, Adkins was one of the most well-known artists in the PDX area during the early 2000s and you can continue to find examples of his work online and at galleries in the local area.

To learn more about his work visit his website

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