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Brad Cloepfil – Architect

Since the early 2010, Portland has been going through a building revival and we’ve seen many new buildings rise along the skyline including buildings that were designed by Brad Cloepfil, a PDX based architect.

Born in 1956 in Portland, Brad Cloepfil has worked on some of the most well-known buildings in Portland and around the United States including the St Louis’s Contemporary Art Museum, University of Michigan’s Museum of Art, Denver’s Clyfford Still Museum and Portland’s Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Case Work Exhibition

From January 24, 2016 to April 17, 2016, the Denver Art Museum hosted a temporary exhibit called “Case Work: Studies in Form, Space & Construction”, which showcased the design process used for the neighboring Clyfford Still Museum and other major works by Allied and Cloepfil. After Denver, the exhibit was planned to show at the Portland Art Museum and then embark on a two-year international tour. Dean Sobel, director of the Clyfford Still Museum, is curator of the exhibit.

Source – Wikipedia

Allied Works 

There’s no doubt that Brad Cloepfil and Allied Works go hand in hand because it’s the company that he started in 1994 and it’s enabled Brad and his team to work on projects all over the United States

Allied Works was established to engage artists, builders, and thinkers in a collective pursuit of new expression. We are a community of makers, friends, peers that share a passion for design, and equally, the advancement of our social and environmental well-being. We are united by an ethic of boundless curiosity and uncommon commitment to creating beautiful, moving, and meaningful work.

What’s He Up To Today?

Now at the age of 64, Brad Cloepfil shows no sign of slowing down as he’s more in demand than ever before. After working for decades behind the scenes, his models, sketches and architectural studies have lately caught the attention of galleries around the world.

Although he never recognized his work as art, his work has been embraced by the artistic community and his models, sketches, designs and other works have been turned into works of art of their own.

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