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Seaside Vs. Brookings – Which Oregon Coast Town Is Better?

Now that summer is officially here and you may be thinking about taking a coastal vacation in Oregon.

The cool thing about the Oregon Coast is that there are so many towns to choose from but the top two towns that people stay in while on vacation are Seaside and Brookings Oregon.

If you ask anyone in the Portland area, they will tell you their own specific reasons for traveling to Seaside versus Brookings but the reality is that there are a variety of amenities that make Seaside better than Brookings and vice versa.

 In this article will break down the pros and cons of Seaside vs. Brookings so that you will know which area to travel to you for your Oregon coast adventure.

Why Travel to Seaside?

The first reason to travel to Seaside versus Brookings Oregon is that Seaside is only about an hour away from Portland Oregon so if you live in the PDX area, or fly into Portland, it’s not going to be as long as commute to get to Seaside as it would to Brookings.

Besides the quick commute to Seaside, some of the other reasons to consider Seaside versus Brookings include the fact that Seaside has more restaurants, hotels, motels, and traditional resort-style amenities compared to the amenities that you’ll find in the Brookings area.

For example: if you’ve visited Coney Island in New York, you know that there are a lot of stores, shops and things for families to do. Seaside has similar attractions that can keep you busy for a weekend while Brookings lacks the traditional beachside attractions.

Why Travel to Brookings?

As we mentioned earlier, traveling from Portland to Brookings will take you about 7 hours but, the road trip is totally worth it because most of the trip will be down Highway 101 and there’s nothing like seeing that beautiful ocean once you escape the confines of the city.

Unlike Seaside, the Brookings Oregon area doesn’t have many traditional beachside amenities but, what Brookings doesn’t have in terms of amenities, it makes up for in beachside access.

In Brookings, there are about a half a dozen beaches for you to choose from so if you were to spend a few days in the Brookings area, you could literally explore dozens of acres of beaches, collect rocks, shells, agates and enjoy the quiet solitude of the beach to your heart’s content.

Which town are you planning on visiting for your Oregon Coast adventure? Feel free to leave us a comment below or post your pictures on our Oregon is Beautiful Facebook page!

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