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Illmaculate – Rapper And Hip Hop Artist

Image credit – Willamette Week


One of the most well-known musicians to come from Portland Oregon in the last 20 years is Gregory Poe, better known by his stage name as Illmaculate.

Following the release of Eminem’s 8 Mile in the early 2000’s, the time was right for Illmaculate to make his presence known in the rap world and after making a big splash he’s been one of the top names that other rappers want to battle or have on their albums.

Portland Born and Raised Rapper

Born and raised in the Portland area, Illmaculate went to Roosevelt High School and started his career in the rap world in 2001. By 2004 he would go on to win several major rap battles including the Scribble Jam freestyle rap competition and KOTD’s World Domination 5 event.

Besides being a one of a kind rapper and hip-hop artist, Illmaculate is also a great writer, producer.

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