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Isaac Brock – Co-founder and Front Man of Modest Mouse

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If you’re a fan of alternative rock you will know that one of the most enduring bands since the early 1990’s is Isaac Brock’s Modest Mouse. He’s been rocking with the band so long that their poetical music has become an institution that many alt rock fans and PDX people have listened to since their days rocking the mosh pits to changing their kids’ diapers.

Born in 1975, Brock spent his time growing up between the East and West Coast until he eventually would settle in Washington State where he would start writing many of his early songs which were based on a wide variety of themes ranging from his experiences with religion to drug use.

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Musical Genius

Now living in Portland Oregon, Brock is universally regarded as a musical genius because his songs have the uncanny ability to resonate with just about everyone which is rare considering the most music fans generally split themselves up into groups as either rock, rap, pop, hard rock or country music fans.

Brock’s song “The Good Times Are Killing Me” is one of the most memorable Modest Mouse songs and also an anthem to his drug addicted early years. Thankfully, he gave up on the drugs but still struggles with them every day.

Although many of his songs use religious themes, Brock describes himself as “not really religious at all,” adding “I’m 100 percent on the whole Christianity thing being a crock of shit, pretty much.” He claims to “toy around with the whole Biblical thing,” because it “just has amazing characters” and also identifies himself as “pretty much” an atheist. The songs, Lampshades on Fire and Coyotes, from the latest album “Strangers to Ourselves” suggest that Brock has concerns about climate change and the destruction of wildlife

He has talked about the DUIs he has gotten and cutting himself onstage with a pocket knife. His songs have also addressed his substance abuse, as in “The Good Times Are Killing Me.” Brock admits to past drug use, and now says that drugs are “just something I kind of have to fight… I just try and make sure that it’s not around, or I’m not around it.” In a 2003 interview with Salut Les Copains Magazine, Isaac explained how the decision to quit drugs was influenced by his experiences. “‘…I was laying down in this aisle, at Powell’s Books, reading an atlas when this meth-head tripped over me.'” Isaac said, “‘He called me a faggot and mumbled as he wandered off. I saw a reflection of myself and didn’t want to be seen like that.'”

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What’s He Up to Today?

Now in his mid-40’s, Isaac Brock is still producing music, touring with Modest Mouse and writing / recording songs which are as poignant as ever. When he’s not touring, you can find him at his recording label (Glacial Place) in Portland where he’s working with launching the next generation of recording artists.

Although their lineup was shaken up a few years ago after Eric Judy, their bassist of nearly 20 years left, Modest Mouse continues on innovating and is the band that most music fans want to see live, especially Millennials who didn’t have the chance to experience the early 1990’s alternative rock scene.

To learn more about Isaac Brock, you can find him on Twitter or at one of his shows near you.


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