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Portland Oregon’s Urban Forest Is Growing By 22 Miles


Over the last five years the Portland Oregon area has been growing at it’s fastest pace ever and this has sent developers on the hunt for available parcels in the PDX area to build homes.

Sadly, much of Portland’s open space has been lost to development over the years but thanks to the efforts of a local land owner, the city’s urban forest is growing by 22 miles.

About The Portland Urban Forest

Nature lovers will soon have more urban forest to explore in Northwest Portland, now that 22 acres of undeveloped land have been donated by a local real estate investor.

Portland Audubon’s Wildlife Sanctuary is now a 172-acre forest refuge.

That’s after Marty Kehoe and his family decided to donate Pittock Place — a 22-acre plot of land that borders Forest Park.

“As a family, we talked a lot about this” said Marty Kehoe in a press release statement. “We loved the property and felt that it would make a wonderful gift – not only to the Portland Audubon, but as a permanent gift to the whole city.”

The undeveroped land is worth an estimated $14 million and was slated for the development of 32 multi million-dollar homes. The Kehoe’s only request for the donation was for the remaining mortgage of the property be paid off.

Audubon donors were able to raise the last $200,000 to pay off the mortgage to ensure the protection of the new land.