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Ariana Richards – Artist and Actress

One of the most well-known movies from the 1990’s is without a doubt Jurassic Park, a film about a fictional theme park that becomes ravaged by its cloned dinosaurs after power failure makes it possible for the dinosaurs to run free from their enclosures.

The film has several major stars including Richard Attenborough and Sam Neal, but it’s young stars Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazello stole the show.

In addition to acting in movies, Richards appeared in the 1998 music video “Brick” by Ben Folds Five, portraying a high school student having an abortion. She appeared in the September 2006 issue of the British movie magazine Empire discussing a possible return to acting. Richards starred in the 2013 film Battledogs, shot in Buffalo, New York.

In February 2014, Richards was voted #98 on VH1‘s 100 Greatest Child Stars.

Following the success of Jurassic Park, Ariana went on to star in several other major films but her work in films slowed down when she launched her career as a fine artist.

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Art Career

There’s no doubt that Ariana Richards could have developed a film career that would have kept her in demand throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s but as she grew up her heart took her in a different direction and she pursued the path of a fine artist.

Her choice to pursue art as a career was a smart decision considering that her family lineage can be traced to the Italian Renaissance and she literally has fine art in her veins.

Her portraits reflect a commitment to the excellence of Renaissance artists like Botticelli and her wonderful artwork has gained a following around the world as buyers can request paintings from her through her website.

Jurassic Park

Thanks to the success of the most recent Jurassic Park sequels, interest in the career of Ariana Richards hasn’t stopped especially since the original movie in the franchise just enjoyed its 25th anniversary.

Although she hasn’t acted since 2013, Ariana still does the occasional interview to discuss Jurassic Park and her film career but her artwork keeps her busy along with her life in the Portland Oregon area.

To learn more about Ariana Richards visit her website at

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