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Where To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Portland Oregon

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 is almost here! If you’ve been thinking about where to celebrate this special day on March 17th, this article will provide you with a list of places to grab a green beer and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with your family or friends.

2019 Portland St. Patrick’s Day / Weekend Events

About St. Patrick’s Day 

Even though we mostly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day every year with our favorite alcoholic beverages and or Irish foods, this special day does have an origin that many people don’t know anything about.

St. Patrick was a 5th century missionary who was kidnapped and sold as a slave in Gaelic Ireland before escaping to Northern Ireland where he became a priest and helped many people.

Legend has it that he “drove snakes out of Ireland” but regardless of what you believe about St. Patrick, it’s a special day that we can stop, break away from the day-to-day routine and enjoy the company of our family or friends in a fun way.


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