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Rent Portland Homes – Professionals Offers Comprehensive Property Management In Portland

Are you planning on renting your home? If so, Rent Portland Homes – Professionals is the most experienced property management company to choose from for all of your property management needs.

Founded by Fred Marlow, a long-time veteran of the Portland Oregon real estate market, Fred and his team have been helping homeowners in the PDX area for years with all of their property management needs.

Fred started the company following the market crash of 2008 when many homeowners in the Portland area were stuck with properties that they wanted to sell, but nobody was buying.

With most streets in Portland having vacant properties, Fred contacted those frustrated homeowners and helped them avoid foreclosure by renting those properties to tenants who were looking for rentals in the PDX area.

Even though some homeowners think that they can manage their properties themselves, the reality is managing a rental property can take a lot of time and it can be a hassle, especially if maintenance is needed, or a tenant doesn’t pay their rent on time.

Once a landlord hires a property manager, they can avoid the stresses and hassle of property management and enjoy the true ‘passive income’ that comes from owning a rental property.

Fred Marlow Owner of Rent Portland Homes – Professionals

About The Rent Portland Homes Professionals Team

What’s ideal about working with Rent Portland Homes – Professionals is that the company offers a true property management team that specializes in all aspects of property management, instead of one-person handling everything themselves.

Our team members include the following:

  • Bella Wahabzada – A long-time member of our team, Bella handles all of the accounting and ensures that our owners receive accurate financials and reporting for their properties.
  • Sarah Blakenship – As our portfolio manager, Sarah is the first point of contact in our company for customers and she makes certain that all of their needs are met.
  • Carice Clark – When something needs to be done,  you can count on Carice to handle all of your property management needs. Carice signs our new owners and assists them in making sure their property is intergraded into the  Rent Portland Homes Professionals system!
  • Josh Hannum – Since starting our company we’ve taken pride in being able to handle maintenance problems immediately. Thanks to the hard work of Josh, owners can have peace of mind in knowing that their rental properties are receiving excellent care and maintenance problems are resolved immediately.
  • Kirstofer Loggins – As part of our maintenance team, Kristofer works closely with Josh to ensure that owners’ needs are cared for and maintenance is handled smoothly.
  • Caitlin Marlow – From day one, renters who lease properties from us comment on our excellent service and communication. This success is thanks to the hard work of Caitlin, who as our leasing coordinator ensures that new tenants are professionally screened and placed in their rental properties.
  • Victoria Haffner – Another important part of our team is Victoria, our assistant portfolio manager, she interfaces with owners and works hard to ensure that their needs are taken care of when they choose us to manage their rental properties.

Professional Property Management Services

The Rent Portland Homes – Professionals team is your best resource for comprehensive property management in the PDX area.

If you choose us for your property management needs, you can count on us for the following services including:

Tenant Screening & Placement – Using our advanced systems, we will screen and place the most qualified tenants in your property.

Property Marketing – When it comes time to market your property again, you can count on us to market it across the Internet so that it will be seen everywhere online where rental properties in the PDX area can be found.

Rent Collection – One of the most frustrating parts of owning rental properties (for some landlords) is rent collection.

When you work with Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, you can have confidence that rent will always be collected on time each month, and deposited into your account, so you won’t have to do any rent collection work yourself.

Maintenance – Imagine no longer having to cut the grass or replace a toilet at your rental property again.

When you use their service for property management, you can count on the Rent Portland Homes – Professionals team to take care of all the maintenance needs that your property may have and alert you of any work that may be needed in the future.

Customer Service – Imagine, no longer getting calls from tenants at night (when they’ve been locked out), on weekends, holidays, or during vacations again. With Fred Marlow and his team managing your property, you can count on smooth customer service and excellent management of your property 24-7-365.

Contact Rent Portland Homes – Professionals

For more information about Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, or to speak with them about their property management services, contact them today by calling (503) 447-7735 or connect with them online by clicking here.

Rent Portland Homes Professionals