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Nancy Whang – Portland Oregon Musician

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Nancy Whang is by far one of the most iconic musicians to come from Portland Oregon because she’s a singer/keyboardist with LCD Sound System, one of the most commercially successful and artistically respected bands to ever hit the stage.

Nancy Whang (born 1976) is an American singer and musician known for her work with The Juan MacLean and the highly critically acclaimed rock band LCD Soundsystem. She was born in Portland, Oregon of Chinese-Korean parents. She has also recorded with Soulwax, and appears in the film Part of the Weekend Never Dies. Her work with numerous dance-punk bands has resulted in her being labeled “a sort of Loleatta Holloway figure for the DFA era.” Among other artists, she was featured on Shit Robot’s first album From the Cradle to the Rave in 2010. Additionally Nancy was also featured in Classixx’s All You’re Waiting For from their album Hanging Gardens in 2013.

The Unassuming Musician

What’s excellent about Whang is that she never started out wanting to be a rock star, so her contribution to LCD Sound System wasn’t based on her wanting to diverge into a solo career or make a name for herself.

She only started thinking about seriously being a musician during her last year of touring with the band, her goal was to be a visual artist, but after realizing that she didn’t want to fight it out in the art world, she embraced her music career, and the rest is history.

About Nancy Whang

Nancy was instrumental in establishing LCD as one of the decade’s most exciting live bands, headlining some of the most celebrated festivals worldwide in addition to endless club gigs. As if that were not enough, in LCD’s downtime, Nancy also fronted DFA act The Juan MacLean, again setting off on rigorous touring schedules of both festivals and clubs across the globe. Her appearance on The Juan MacLean’s massive dance hit ‘Happy House’ once again solidified her place as a sort of hit-making voice of underground dance music.

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