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Selma Pierce – Retired Dentist And Political Candidate

Dr. Selma Pierce has been no stranger to the political landscape since her husband Bud Pierce challenged Kate Brown in his failed 2016 bid for Governor.

Since retiring from her dental practice it would have been easy for her to stay out of the spotlight and continue focusing on her pro bono and charity work but Mrs. Pierce isn’t one to sit on the sidelines. She announced today that she plans on running for a seat in the Oregon House of Representatives.

About Selma Pierce

Retirement hasn’t slowed down Selma Moon Pierce one bit.  A California transplant who practiced dentistry in Salem for 20 years, she’s still plying her trade pro bono for a variety of nonprofits and has added fundraising and event planning to her repertoire. “I figured that because I’m retired I have more time to help out than those still working.” she explains. “One of the nice things about living in Oregon is that it’s very community-oriented: People know their neighbors and help them out.” Selma’s contributions are impressive. She’s a volunteer grant evaluator for OCF and a key organizer of the huge free dental clinic Mission of Mercy. which last year deployed 1.200 volunteers to treat 1,600 low-income Oregonians. “We’re just trying to put smiles back on faces,” she says. She also volunteers with Medical Teams lnternational’s local elementary school interventions. “Today I had to remove a permanent tooth from a ten-year-old girl and it’s so sad: preventing this situation is so much easier and less invasive than treating it when it gets this bad,” she notes. “I really applaud OCF for its Children’s Dental Health Initiative. That’s one of the reasons why I was so honored to become an OCF grant evaluator

About Her Campaign

The district she will run for is held by Rep. Paul Evans, a Monmouth Democrat whose seat Republicans have considered vulnerable for several election cycles.

Republicans targeted Evans, an Air Force veteran and Western Oregon University professor, in 2016. He eked out a victory by less than 2,000 votes.

Bud Pierce competed in the 2016 general election against incumbent Gov. Kate Brown. He lost by 7 percentage points.

Selma Pierce played an active role in her husband’s run against Brown. She crisscrossed the state with him to make appearances at campaign events, spoke on his behalf in advertisements and managed his social media accounts. Pierce is also an active volunteer and has organized dental services clinics for the poor.







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