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Best Portland Oregon Breweries In 2019

Are you planning a trip to Portland Oregon this summer? If so, there are a variety of breweries to choose from and it’s literally possible to visit one every day of the week!
In this article we will provide you with a list of the best Portland Oregon breweries that you should consider visiting on your trip to Portland.

PDX Breweries That You Don’t Want To Miss


Hoppy and refreshing experimental ales served on a massive patio that’s an essential summer sipping spot
IPA obsessives take note: no matter how much you crave that bitter hop explosion on your palate, few things in this life are as satisfying as a classic German beer on a bright and sunny patio. At Wayfinder, you’ll find former Chuckanut brewer Kevin Davey experimenting with classic German styles and arriving on beers like Hell — a helles/lager mashup with a bright, floral finish — or a coffee pilsner that forgoes the common stout format in favor of a brew that emphasizes drinkability over saccharine overtones. Sizzle Pie co-owner Matt Jacobson is also on board, which explains the happy-go-lucky vibes of the sprawling wood patio that bears an uncanny resemblance to his popular party porch, nearby nightlife spot White Owl Social Club. It’s a happy medium between for beer nuts and bar crawlers in need of an outdoor locale where they can pound nachos and a beer or two, which is something of a rarity in a town where craft beer culture and populism are often at odds.

Level Beer

Delightfully diverse and refreshing beers you can sip in an old greenhouse
Located in a former produce market in a section of farout Northeast Portland you’ve likely never heard of, Level Beer has quickly become an essential last-minute pitstop on any waterfall trip or airport run. The video game theme is manifested in beers like the Ready Player One — a soft and refreshing dry hopped saison — or the bright and piney Game On! IPA, but the glorious sun-drenched feel of the greenhouse-turned-patio quickly quashes whatever basement-dwelling nerdism you’d expect from such an operation. It’s no surprise to find free-range children running around on account of “The Numbers” being the hot new real estate market for young families, but there’s more than enough room for crowds of both dads and scenesters lured by the clout of its brewers — specifically Jason Barbee of Ex Novo and Shane Watterson of Laurelwood — to enjoy Level’s bounty of beers in such a quaintly pastoral environment.


Spartan beer hall serving super smooth IPAs and experimental brews made with oats
Baerlic is a simple wooden rectangle with little else than chairs, tables, filament bulbs, and a nice long bar. There’s not much happening here besides beer, but it’s good enough that you won’t need anything else. Though you’ll always find a mighty good IPA on tap in New Noise, Baerlic is far more interested in selling you a pint of their wickedly good experiments with oats. Try Eastside — a delicate and refreshing pilsner made with Bob’s Red Mill oats and Best Pilsen hops — to get the gist of what makes this bright and woody beer hall tick, or cruise down the menu into the Seasonal & Experimental section for more out-there and on-trend varieties like Nice & Easy, a salted oat gose, or Read Between the Lines, a Brett pale with a dry and fruity finish.

What’s your favorite Portland Brewery? Leave us a comment below!