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Portland Restaurants – Will We Dine In Again? Local Restaurant Owners React

There’s no doubt that Portland’s restaurants were one of the top things that the city was known for before Coronavirus but will things be the same now that businesses are reopening?

The answer to this question is it’s anyone’s guess, but several chefs and business owners in the Portland area recently reacted to the question of if people would be able to have the same dining experiences in the PDX area that they did before COVID-19 shut Portland down.

Portland Restaurants –  Owners Are Uncomfortable With Dine In

When asked about if they would feel comfortable with dine in at their restaurants once Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, most restaurant owners and chefs expressed caution over dine in and said that they were uncertain if their restaurants would be able to have dine in as before.

We honestly have no idea when reopening our dining room will be possible. I imagine I’m in the same boat as many restaurateurs — knowing that 50 percent capacity isn’t necessarily enough for us to survive.Maya Lovelace, Yonder & Mae


“Even if the restrictions are lifted, it’s just not safe still. It’s going to be really hard to have people in the restaurant.” Peter Cho, Han Oak


 “No, not a chance.” Jaime Soltero Jr, Tamale Boy

What’s Next For Portland’s Restaurants?

Diners obviously can’t wear face coverings when they are eating in a local restaurant so the obvious next question is what’s next for Portland’s Restaurants if most can’t offer dine in service again?

Although some restaurants may be eager to offering dine in service once again, the reality is that most restaurants won’t offer dine in as an option and they will stick with carry out or delivery until the threat of another Coronavirus outbreak isn’t an issue in the Portland area.

Besides seeing more restaurants only offering carry out and delivery, we may see some well-known restaurants offer open air dining as an option during the summer months while others may branch out into having their own food trucks or food carts.

One thing is for certain, with the challenges posed after Coronavirus, we can expect to see more restaurants adapt to those challenges in the weeks and months to come.

What’s your favorite PDX area restaurant that you look forward to visiting again? Feel free to leave us a comment below!