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Clark Gable – Gone With the Wind Actor, from Portland Oregon

By PDX People

PORTLAND, Ore. – If you’re a fan of 20th Century Movies, there isn’t a more well-known actor than Clark Gable.

Born in 1901, Clark Gable established his Oregon roots early in life after traveling to Bend in the 1920’s and working in a sawmill. From there he journeyed to Portland where he worked a variety of odd jobs including as a picker in a hops field before getting his start acting in theater troupes throughout the area.

During his early years in Portland Oregon, Clark Gable also met James Beard; and his first wife Josephine Dillon, whom he married in 1924. The couple soon moved to Hollywood where Gable was able to land roles in a variety of films and he formed relationships with many other great actors of his day like Spencer Tracy.

Clark Gable Portland Oregon

Gone With the Wind.

After working in Hollywood for years Clark Gable was chosen to play Rhett Butler for Gone with the Wind but what most movie fans don’t know is that the actor was reluctant to play the role at first, and he even refused to read the script for a time, until he was convinced by his peers that the role was the perfect opportunity for him.

Gable was also highly sought after by David O. Selznick, one of the most well-known producers of the era, and he after a lengthy meeting with him he said this about David O. Selznick: “I think I know now how a fly must react after being caught in a spider’s web.”

During his time filming Gone with the Wind, Clark Gable developed a longtime friendship with actress Hattie McDaniel, one of his co-stars in the movie. Gable almost didn’t attend the premiere of the movie in Atlanta Georgia because McDaniel was an African American and she wasn’t permitted to attend, but she ultimately persuaded him to go and decades later he was still recognized for that role and considered to be a leading man well into the later years of his life.


Connection with Oregon

Like many celebrities of his era, Clarke Gable enjoyed traveling but instead of traveling to Europe like other well-known actors he enjoyed coming back to Oregon, staying along the Rogue River, and in Grants Pass, where he would relax and go fishing with his wife.

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