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Randy Couture – An Incredible Athlete, Actor, and Superstar

By PDX People

PORTLAND, Ore. – Ultimate Fighting Championship fans are familiar with Randy Couture because he’s been a fixture in the MMA community for over 20 years thanks to his many championship titles and the impact he’s had on the sport including winning four championship fights after the age of 40.

Movie fans are familiar with Randy Couture the actor thanks to his role as Toll Road in the 3 Expendables movies but what most fans don’t know is that Randy has lived and worked in the Portland Oregon area for most of his life and he has deep ties to the community thanks to his hard work as an assistant wrestling coach at Oregon State University and his Team Quest MMA gym in Portland.

Randy Couture

MMA Career

Unlike most MMA fighters who start in the business while in their twenties, Randy Couture’s career started differently. He served in the United States Army for 6 years after graduating from High School and during his time in the Army, he found a passion for wrestling and boxing. After being discharged from the Army Couture was an Olympic Team wrestling alternate before moving on to working as a wrestling coach at Oregon State University.

At the age of 34, Randy Couture made his first professional MMA appearance in 1997, taking down an opponent who weighed almost 100 pounds more than him. After this memorable introduction to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Couture went to have a string of victories which seemed like they were never going to end until he fought his final battle at the age of 47.

Randy Couture Expendables

Acting Career

Following his long MMA career, Randy Couture turned his in-ring success into a successful acting career by starring in the successful Expendables movie franchise, appearances on TV shows like Hawaii Five-0, and a variety of other movies.

Today at the age of 53 Randy Couture continues acting and he’s still a well-known fixture in the MMA community thanks to his various appearances as a commentator for UFC fights or connection to fighters within the industry.

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