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Moshow Dwayne Molock – Portland Oregon’s Cat Rapper

Dwayne Molock – Portland Oregon’s Cat Rapper

By PDX People

PORTLAND, Ore. – Over the years, Portland Oregon has been one city in the United States where people can depend on things to be a little weird and Dwayne Molock (Moshow) is doing his part to keep Portland weird thanks to his role as Portland’s only cat rapper.

Moshow started performing rap music at the age of 16 and since moving to Portland over one year ago, from Baltimore he’s become well-known in the local music scene for creating music videos that also include his cats.

Portland Oregon Cat Rapper

If you own a cat or have owned one in the past, you know that it can be almost impossible to give a cat a bath and for many cat owners, their attempts at bathing a feline member of their family ended with some scratches or bloodshed.

Dwayne Moshow Molock showed everyone how to give a cat a bath recently when he bathed one of his cats while he was in the bathtub and the video has now been viewed over 1,796,028 times across the internet 

Raising the Awareness of Cats

Although he’s not a full-time rapper, Moshow’s videos have been effective at raising the awareness of cats in the Portland Oregon area and also, he’s worked with the Humane Society to encourage cat adoption.

Like many unique musicians and artists in Portland, Moshow has thrived here and done his part at keeping Portland Weird.

Unlike other celebs or musicians who have chosen a niche or weird style to promote their musical brands, Moshow truly loves cats and his videos are proof of his sincere love for his feline friends.

Moshow has also done his part to remove the stigma that comes when a woman buys a cat by recently saying: “all cat ladies are beautiful”.

You can find Moshow online via Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram or locally around Portland Oregon.


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