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A.C. Green – Former NBA Championship Player From Portland Oregon

A. C. Green

By PDX People

PORTLAND, Ore. – If you love the NBA like we do you will be familiar with the name A.C. Green since he was also known as “Iron Man” during his career because he played in more consecutive games than any other player in NBA or ABA history.

About A.C. Green

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, he attended Benson Polytechnic High School. He quickly gravitated towards basketball and following high school he excelled as a starter for four years at Oregon State University where he would lead the school in rebounding and scoring.

A.C. was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 2003.

Following his college career, A.C. Green was selected by the Lakers in the 1985 draft and he played on a legendary team that included Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy.

Green is best known for his eight years playing for the Los Angeles Lakers because he was also instrumental in helping lead the Lakers to back-to-back titles in the 1980’s.

Iron Man Streak

In baseball, Cap Ripken is known as the MLB’s Iron Man but in basketball, everyone knows that the true Iron Man was A.C. Green.

AC Green - Iron Man

The streak started in November of 1986 and lasted until 2001. Besides the time that he spent playing for the Lakers, Green also spent his career playing for a variety of teams including the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks before returning to the Los Angeles Lakers. From there he would move onto the Miami Heat where the power forward would play his final season under Pat Riley.

Besides his long Iron Man Streak and great statistics in the NBA, A.C. Green is also well-known for his morals and values that he stood by during his playing days. Following the end of his long career, Green would start the A.C. Green Youth Foundation and go on to accept numerous awards and honors including the Bobby Jones award which honors athletes who are also proponents of leadership, character, and faith in the world of basketball.


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