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Art Alexakis – Singer From Portland Oregon


PORTLAND, Ore. – Following his move to Portland in the early 1990’s, Art Alexakis started the band Everclear and they quickly went on to commercial success with three platinum albums which include: Sparkle & Fade, Songs from an American Move Vol. One: Learning How to Smile and So Much for the Afterglow.

Behind Everclear’s Popularity

Once Everclear took off as a band it became clear that their songs appealed to a HUGE audience thanks to their hit songs The Color Pit which touched on Art’s drug additions, to Sparkle and Fade which deals with the themes of escape and redemption.

Through the years as Everclear remained a powerhouse on local radio stations Art Alexakis turned his creative genius to other areas of life including political activism, acting, solo musical projects, songwriting and he’s also established his own music label Artemis Records.


Voice of His Generation

Like writers and recording artists of other generations, Art Alexakis has used the power of words to impact lives through his music, writing and activism. In recent years he’s also been heavily involved in supporting soldiers and families of soldiers around the world.

Today Everclear still continues to record new albums and at the age of 54 Art Alexakis doesn’t show any sign of slowing down and that’s in spite of new pop/rock bands coming out every year. Their longevity is thanks in large part to the honesty of their music and demanding touring schedule that keeps in in front of music fans from all generations every year. 

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