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Holly Madison – Author, Actress and Former Playboy Playmate

holly madison

By PDX People

Over the last 15 years Holly Madison has been one of the most well-known names in the entire world thanks to her time starring on the hit television show called The Girls Next Door which chronicled her life living with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in his home with several other well-known Playboy bunnies from the time but what many fans don’t know is that she also has a connection to Portland Oregon.

About Holly Madison

Born in 1979, Holly Madison grew up in Astoria and traveled throughout the United States with her family thanks to her father’s work in the shipping industry before she returned to Portland and attended Portland State University.

In order to afford tuition, she began modeling for Hawaiian Tropic and quickly became noticed by talent scouts for Playboy who also invited her to the Playboy Mansion. For six years Holly Madison lived in the Playboy Mansion while appearing in many of issues of the magazine including their books and videos.

By 2007 she began branching out from modeling for the magazine and started to focus on production of Playboy issues but once she split from Hugh Hefner she left Playboy, she left her television show and ultimately stopped working for Playboy as well.

Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner
Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner

Post-Playboy Career

Following her split with Hefner, Holly Madison branched out when she moved to Las Vegas and starred in a variety of burlesque-themed shows. She quickly found herself back on television again starring on shows like Dancing with the Stars and Holly’s World.

What makes Holly Madison unique compared to other models who have appeared in Playboy over the years is her work behind the scenes producing many of the magazine’s issues and episodes of the television shows that she’s starred in.

Holly Madison continues to remain in the public eye today thanks to her two hit memoirs that she recently published, she’s also settled down with Pasquale Rotella and had two children.






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