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Where Are the Best Bike Trails in Portland?

One of the best things to do in Portland in late August and early September is to go riding on local trails because the weather is still warm, the days are still long and there are generally fewer people visiting the PDX area than during June and July.

If you’re getting ready to go riding on local trails with cool PDX people in coming weeks, this article will provide you with tips on where the best trails are in the PDX area.


Tour the city’s south side along this 30-mile route boasting some of the city’s best river views. This mostly flat route passes through the charming Lake Oswego (which has some great breweries to boot). A portion of this route also runs along Terwilliger Boulevard, known for its picturesque view of the three bridges crossing the Willamette. And if you’re in the mood for a shorter ride, don’t fret. Just opt for the six-mile ride along the Willamette Greenway Bike Trail, which has a similar vantage of the sparkling Willamette without the long trek.


A perfect post-work getaway, this paved path is part of the 20 miles of trails within Powell Butte Nature Park. This particular trail, though short, just happens to be our favorite because of, well, the mountain view. Pedaling toward a far-off Mount Hood is a great motivator, don’t you think? But don’t stop there. A number of single-track trails wind through open fields and grassy nooks. While simple, these trails offer a lot to explore. Our favorite part might be the post-ride rest — kicking back in the company of the Cascade Mountain Range is as good as it gets.


There’s a lot to savor on this ride. Beginning at the Salmon Springs Fountain, follow this route 13 miles through historic Southeast Portland neighborhoods, where the streets are bordered by trees and the homes have character. Ride along a combination of off-street paths and bike lanes, all the while catching glimpses of the Willamette River. Prepare to share the road with an abundance of fellow bikers and runners, though. But hey, maybe you can make a new friend at one of the crosswalks.

Where Is Your Favorite Bike Trail in The PDX Area?

Got a favorite bike trail in the PDX area? Feel free to leave us a comment below or to learn more about more cool People from Portland Oregon CLICK HERE.


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