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From Portland Oregon – The Best List of Celebrities, Athletes and Actors from Portland

From Portland Oregon


By PDX People

Are you searching for the ultimate list of People From Portland Oregon?

There’s no doubt that our city has some of the best breweries, wineries and restaurants in the world but the fact is that Portland is also home to many actors, celebrities and athletes including the following:

Sam Elliott

This famous actor is well-known for his role in the Big Lebowski, great westerns and tons of voice overs for television commercials that he’s done over the years but before Sam Elliott got his start in Hollywood he went David Douglass High School and Clark College in Vancouver.

Bruce Campbell

His career has certainly turned into a “cult following” over the years thanks to movies like the Evil Dead and run on the hit television show Burn Notice Bruce Campbell has achieved financial success that’s given him the ability to buy homes in Ashland and the Applegate Valley.

Steve Prefontaine

If you know anyone in the Portland area who runs they will most likely be aware of the name Steve Prefontaine thanks to movies like 1997’s Prefontaine and the records that he set running for the University of Oregon in the early 1970’s. Sadly, Prefontaine died at the age of 24 but his name lives on as one of the people responsible for turning running into a mainstream sport.

Ashton Eaton

Born in Portland Oregon in 1988, Eaton excelled in his time with the Oregon Ducks and went on to win gold in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

Terri Erwin

Born in Eugene in 1964 Terri Erwin is best known for her animal conservation work around the world and for her famous husband Steve Erwin who tragically died after being stung by a stingray in September 2006. Today, Mrs. Erwin continues on her work caring for animals along with her daughter Bindi and son Robert.

From Portland Oregon

Besides the people mentioned in this article, some of the other notable names from Portland Oregon include director David Fincher, Simpsons Creator Matt Groening, Art Alexakis from the band Everclear and musician Courtney Love. – Source 

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Sam Adams - Former Mayor of Portland, Activist and Environmentalist
Gregory Gourdet – Bravo TV Top Chef