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Fred Marlow and Darla Andrew – Portland’s #1 Property Management Team

Marlow and Andrew - Property Management Systems

Following the Real Estate market collapse of 2007, homeowners in Portland Oregon found themselves in the same position as other homeowners nationwide, home values had dropped seemingly overnight and just about every owner was faced with owning a home that had a mortgage which was upside down or underwater.

Sadly, many homeowners during this time chose options like bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure to get out from under the heavy burden of their homes which were now worth less than their mortgages.

Thankfully, Fred Marlow and Darla Andrews, both long time Real Estate professionals, saw a need for skilled property management in the Portland Oregon area following the Real Estate market collapse of 2007 and they started Property Management Systems in 2010.

Homeowners who decided to wait until their home values recovered chose Fred, Darla and their team of experienced property managers at Property Management Systems to professionally manage their rental properties.

By the end of the first year in business, Fred and Darla’s Property Management Systems were managing over 100 properties, and today they are managing more than 500 properties, with growth projections of 30+ % each year.    

About Fred and Darla

Besides having a shared passion for Real Estate, both Fred Marlow and Darla Andrew have deep connections to Oregon.

Darla comes from a family of long-time Oregonians who began farming in the sunset corridor in 1956. She grew up in the Portland area with a large extended family, and a network of family friends.

Her grandmother was for many years a top producing real estate broker, and Darla started Working with her grandmother as her assistant in 1982.

Fred first came to Portland from Alaska in 1970 and made his final move to Portland in 1987 where he had worked with his grandfather and uncle developing several large subdivisions. He began his local real estate career with Lutz Snyder where Darla was working as an assistant for her grandmother.

In 1996 Fred started a Real estate sales company with partner Frank Whiting – RealPro Northwest, that company grew to 80+ agents.

Darla came to be a successful licensed real estate broker with RealPro Northwest.

Making Property Management Easy

Thanks to the hard work of Fred, Darla, and the Property Management Systems team, owning rental properties in the Portland Oregon area has never been easier because, owners no longer have to worry about managing their rental properties themselves, and deal with all of the day-to-day responsibilities which come with owning a rental.

Over the last 6 years, Fred Marlow and Darla Andrews have assembled a highly professional team of professionals to provide management services for owners.

Their goal is to educate property owners and show them how they can effectively manage their client’s properties by providing the best-qualified tenants available, and the highest possible market rents.

The Property Management Systems team continues to excel at property management because they provide constant communication, handle all accounting, maintenance and tenant emergencies while making owning investment property effortless and stress-free.







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