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Jimmy Radosta Fights For Someone’s Rights

Jimmy Radosta, a native Oregonian, loves Portland’s radical spirit.

“We embrace weirdness,” he says with an edge of finality.

Jimmy Radosta - PDX People
Jimmy Radosta – PDX People

Although he was born in Salem, it seems that Portland’s one-of-a-kind vibe speaks to him far more than Salem’s laid back, quiet nature.

Still, that doesn’t mean he finds Portland to be the epitome of perfection. Like so many others that grace the digital pages of this fine publication, Portland seems to suffer the same image problem.

“I wish Portland were more racially diverse,” Jimmy says without hesitation. “I would love to see more people of color in positions of leadership.”

He also fears for Portland’s unique, weird vibe as it continues to grow.

“With the rapid changes from the population boom, I hope Portland stays funky and affordable for everyone,” he says.

Sharing in Portland’s interesting, unique culture dovetails quite nicely with Jimmy’s creative endeavors, which include an array of interesting activities.

“I’m passionate about my creative pursuits,” he explains. “I used to write for a column for the local LGBT news magazine, and I regularly participate in storytelling events like Mortified, Back Fence, The Moth, StorySLAM and the Mystery Box Show.”

Other than enjoying a bit of storytelling every now and then, Jimmy spends his time reveling in the pleasures of pop culture and televised fun.

“I grew up addicted to soap operas, game shows and radio countdowns,” he explains, “but now my taste tends toward Oscar fare, Netflix binges, Spotify playlists and karaoke nights.”

Ah, the joys that technology brings. A large part of enjoying such activities lies in the simple activity that gives Jimmy satisfaction in the meaning of life.

“Laughter,” he simply answers when asked what makes him tick. “Without laughter, life would be meaningless.”

Beyond enjoying the pleasures of life with his partner of seven years, their cat, family and friends, Jimmy spends his time advocating on behalf of a cause he believes in, indeed the one that helps him put dinner on the table.

“I’m the Communications and Marketing Director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, which works to maintain Oregon’s status as the leading state for reproductive freedom,” he says.

His work for Planned Parenthood is motivated by his strong support for what he calls “the freedom from religious tyranny, the freedom to love, economic and social justice.”

Reproductive rights are just a part of that overall mission.

With these things in mind, it’s no wonder that Jimmy has stayed in Oregon, one of the last bastions of liberal thought and open-minded consideration (at least in Portland Metro).

No doubt, this is one PDX Person who fits right in with our cultural quilt and stands as a testament to the advocacy works so many Portlanders believe in. Whether you agree with him or not, one must admire Jimmy’s fire and desire to keep up the fight. Portland could do well to call more passionate people like himself a resident.







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