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Dale Murphy – Major League Baseball Outfielder And Oregon Sports Hall Of Famer


By PDX People

When thinking about the top Major League Baseball players of the 20th Century some of the names that come to mind are Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Micky Mantle, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays because these players were iconic and became the faces of their teams during their careers.

Dale Murphy never had the same notoriety as Mantle, Ruth or Ted Williams during his career but his consistency and quality of play on the field made him one of the most well-respected players of his generation.

About Dale Murphy

Born in Portland Oregon, and drafted by the Atlanta Braves, Dale Murphy originally started his baseball as a catcher, before converting to first base, and then to the outfield.

Murphey would spend 15 seasons with the Braves and help the team reach the playoff’s in 1982 before they were eliminated by the Cardinals.

Sadly, the 1982 season would be the only time in his career that he would reach the postseason but he did contribute consistent power at the plate, resulting in a lifetime .265 batting average, 2,111 hits, 398 home runs and 1,266 RBIs.

By the early 1990’s Dale Murphy was traded, and after spending a couple of sad seasons with the Phillies, and one with Rockie’s, he knew when to hang up his uniform, and retired from baseball at in 1993 at the age the age of 37.

Integrity, Character, And Sportsmanship

Besides his long career with the Atlanta Braves, Dale Murphy is also well-known for his integrity, character, and sportsmanship.

Dale Murphy was different than other players of his day because he didn’t give interviews in the locker room unless he was fully dressed and he didn’t drink alcohol.

In 1983 he gave a young crippled child hope when he promised to hit a home run for her during a game with the Giant’s and he followed through on his promise by hitting two homers for the day.

Since his retirement from baseball in 1993, Dale Murphy has continued to stay actively involved with the game including serving as first base coach for the 2013 World Baseball Clinic, working as a broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves, and he’s written numerous books encouraging ethics and sportsmanship in baseball.


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