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Lance Blankenship – Former Major League Baseball Player, Coach And Business Owner From Portland

Lance Blankenship

By PDX People

PORTLAND, Ore. – Lance Blankenship is one of the most well-known Major League Baseball Players from Portland Oregon.

Lance Robert Blankenship (born December 6, 1963) in Portland Oregon.

Blankenship played during 1989 baseball season. Most fans remember the 1989 season well because of the World Series, and the earthquake which occurred on 10/17/89.

I personally remember watching the 1989 series and feeling the floor beneath me sway as I watched Candlestick Park Sway live on television while the announcers talked about it.

Lance Blankenship and the Oakland Athletics went on to sweep the San Francisco Giants and win the 1989 World Series along with Dave Stewart, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire and Ricky Henderson.

Sadly, their 1989 World Series win would be the last one for the A’s to take home in spite of the hard work and efforts of GM Billy Beane to bring a World Series win back to Oakland over the last 15 years.

Short Baseball Career

Following the Oakland A’s 1989 World Series win, Lance Blankenship was determined to come back and have another strong season in 1990 but he quickly succumbed to a rotator cuff injury; after shoulder operations and comeback attempts he retired for good in the mid 1990’s.

His final statistics from five years in the MLB include: 9 home runs, 92 RBI’s, 54 stolen bases and a .222 batting average.

Post Baseball Career

Although his career in the big leagues was done by the time he was 30, and he had to watch his former teammates like McGwire set records and receive the adulation of fans during the 1990’s, Blankenship quickly moved on from Major League Baseball and started a small business in the Bay Area before he started Blakenship Baseball, a competitive year-round baseball program in Danville, California that teaches young players the skills that helped him get his start in the MLB.


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