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Blazing trails with Brian Buck

Brian Buck - PDX People

In a world where far too many people languish in jobs they do only because they must, Brian Buck is one lucky guy.

“When I moved to Portland,” he explains, “I applied for a position at Washington County to be a juvenile probation administrator. I was also a part-time bouncer and substitute teacher.”

Then, serendipity struck.

“I eventually became a sales rep for the Portland Trailblazers and I was freaking out because it was so awesome,” he says. “I play ball, so this was the next best thing, in my opinion, to playing on the court.”

Although he started out as a part-time sales rep, Brian would eventually find himself moving into a full-time position, shedding his other jobs to work in outside sales for the Trailblazers organization.

“Now, I work with companies and individuals selling ticket and suite packages,” he says, before adding, “So if anyone is interested in any of my ticket packages…” his voice trails off, ending in a chuckle.

We’ll go ahead finish it for him. His email address is and his office number is (503) 963-3944. Shameless plug: Complete.

Surely, working for the Trailblazers, Brian has some great stories about fun times with Portland’s most revered professional sports team.

“I remember a time when the guys were getting ready to go out onto the court and Lamarcus Aldridge starts talking about farts,” he says with a laugh. “In my eyes, you wouldn’t think these guys would talk like that. Then I realized he was twenty-something,” he finishes.

He then recounts another time when Damian Lillard rented out an entire movie theater for the entire staff, from full-time to part-time and interns, to watch the new Jack Reacher movie.

“I thought that was a really cool gesture by him,” Brian says.

The best story, however, is also the funniest.

“One time I was walking around with Thomas Robinson and I swear he had the worst breath ever,” Brian says in sort of a hushed whisper, as though Robinson might be on the line. Does he know this article will be published for all to see?

“So, I was like, ‘Hey, bro,’ and discretely handed him a tic tac,” he says, chuckling.

And yet, it isn’t just his dream job and fun times with sport celebrities that keeps Brian in Portland. Despite its ills, he’s a big fan of the city.

“I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota, born and raised,” he says, “but I wanted a change from the Midwest.”

After one of his friends suggested he head to the Coast, either East or West, Brian found himself in Portland, which is close enough to the coast to count.

“I think Portland is a great city, both health-wise and environmentally,” he says. “It’s not as diverse as it could be, but it’s working on being accepting of others and ultimately, I think the city is great.”

With PDX People like Brian Buck bringing their talents and charms to our fair city, it’s sure to remain great for some time. In the meantime, support your hometown team and give Brian Buck a call for all your Portland Trailblazer season ticket needs.







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