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Ahmad Rashad

Ahmad Rashad

Born in Portland Oregon in 1949, Ahmad Rashad knew early on in life that football was his passion and after going to various high schools in Oregon and Washington, he received an athletic scholarship from the University of Oregon.

Rashad excelled as a wide receiver and running back with the Oregon Ducks, and he was named an All-American in 1971.

Ahmad Rashad - DUCKS

Upon graduating college he was selected by St. Louis in the 1972 NFL Draft and he went on to play for the Cardinals, Bills, and Vikings during his 10 year career; going to the Pro Bowl 4 times, scoring 44 touchdowns, 495 receptions, and 6,831 receiving yards.

During his pro football career, Rashād caught 495 passes for 6,831 yards and 44 touchdowns, while also rushing for 52 yards. The standout catch of his career came in a December 1980 game against the Cleveland Browns. Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer threw a Hail Mary pass to Rashād that resulted in a come-from-behind 28-23 victory and a Central Division title for the Vikings. This became known as “The Miracle at the Met“, or, alternatively, “The Miracle Catch”. Rashād also has the distinction of the longest play from scrimmage that didn’t score a touchdown: 98 yards in a 1972 game against the Rams.

Broadcasting Career

Once he football career winded down, Rashad quickly became an in demand studio anchor for the NFL, MLB and the NBA thanks to his 16 seasons of hosting the well-known show NBA Inside Stuff.

Besides his long career as a studio anchor and game reporter, Ahmad Rashad also was able to translate his on screen success to a variety of shows like The Mole, Real TV and many other shows filmed during the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

Rashad was also married to Cosby Show actress Phylicia Rashad for 16 years. Today at the age of 67 he’s still going strong in the sports world and can be found on the ABC Network thanks to his show NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad and various other sports related shows both on television and the Internet.


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