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Joey Harrington – Former Quarterback from Portland Oregon

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PORTLAND, Ore. – If you’re an Oregon Ducks Fan the name Joey Harrington will be familiar to you since he excelled as the quarterback for the University of Oregon and was a 3-year starter for the Ducks.

During Harrington’s college career he had 23 touchdowns, threw for close to 2,500 yards and wrapped up his college career with a 25-3 record. After college, he was drafted by the Detroit Lions and went on to also play for the Dolphins, Falcons, and Saints.

About Joey Harrington

What most people don’t know about Joey Harrington is that football is literally in his blood since both his grandfather and dad played quarterback for colleges in Oregon and legendary Oregon Ducks Coach Len Casanova actually sent his parents a letter of intent, as a joke, but it was also a sign to come of Joey’s future and the victories he would lead the Duck’s to during his college career.

joey harrington

Joey Harrington in the NFL

Although Joey Harrington excelled as quarterback for the Oregon Ducks his NFL career didn’t go as expected and he only played from 2002 to 2007. During this time he started in 76 games, had 79 touchdowns and 85 interceptions.

Once his NFL career was over Joey quickly moved on and started the Harrington Family Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on youth education and other activities. What most people don’t know about Joey is that he started his charitable foundation with a portion of the signing bonus that he received from the Detroit Lions and he continues to give heavily to charity with the proceeds he receives from signing football memorabilia and other events.

Joey Harrington Today

Besides his charitable foundation, Harrington also continues to be involved in both college football and the NFL since he works as a color analyst for Fox Sports Radio and the Oregon Ducks.

Harrington also recently announced that he would be opening a restaurant in Portland called Pearl Tavern where sports fans can come for great food, not traditional pub fare while watching the latest Ducks or sporting events on the big screens at the tavern.

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