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Portland Oregon Protests


By PDX People

PORTLAND, Ore. – It’s been almost one week since we found out that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Since then protestors have made their presence known in Portland Oregon as scores of people from all ages and walks of life protest the Trump presidency and the changes that are coming to the United States.

Portland Oregon Protests 

Protesting at Pioneer Courthouse and various locations around Portland Oregon, the protestors have made have voiced a clear opposition to a Donald Trump presidency which they see as one bringing hate and fear to the United States.

The Portland Oregon protests are not isolated incidents since Trump became the President Elect there have been ongoing protests in various cities nationwide including New York and Washington D.C. where people have managed to protest often peacefully and without incident.

8,000 Protestors Rock Los Angeles

During the Portland Oregon protests the nation has also seen ongoing protests in Los Angeles where a record 8,000 protestors have gathered each day to protest among other things Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies which could send back many illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin.

Besides Trump’s policies, another major cause of the protests was the HUGE buildup of anticipation by the media for a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Mrs. Clinton did not have enough votes to win the Electoral College, but as of today, she’s on a pace to win the popular vote.

Will Trump be successful moving forward with his policies and vision for the United States? Only time will tell and we will all be able to see what a Trump presidency will look like when he’s inaugurated on January 20th, 2016.

Thankfully President Barack Obama has been gracious helping Trump transition into the Presidency since even Trump’s closest staff members were unaware of the complexities of what transitioning into the Oval Office would mean for a candidate who prided himself on being a Washington outsider.

President Obama has offered to continue “counseling” Trump when needed and has encouraged American’s to accept the Trump presidency in the hopes of ending the ongoing protests in Portland Oregon and across the United States.

PDX People

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