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Tips for Date Night in PDX

PORTLAND, Ore. – Date night is here in Portland Oregon and if you’re struggling with ideas of where to go or what to do, this article will provide you with a plan that you can use to enjoy your date night.

Head to Skidmore Bluffs for the Sunset

Did you know that NE Skidmore is the place to be in Portland if you want to watch the sunset? Just be sure to get here early because spaces fill up fast but it’s a unique place to go to start a date night, especially if it’s your first date.

Date Night in Portland Oregon

Watch an Outdoor Movie

During the summer months you can catch an outdoor movie in Portland, one of our favorite places to see an outdoor movie is Top Down Cinema at Hotel deLuxe.

Attend an Outdoor Concert For Date Night In Portland 

This is a great outdoor venue that hosts awesome concerts during the year with the typical McMenamins quirky flair.

Enjoy Nachos at the Conquistador

Who doesn’t love nachos right? What’s best of all about ordering nachos at the Conquistador is that they are vegetarian and cost just $10 bucks so if you’re on a budget; this is the place to be for an affordable date night.

See Some Art at Portland Art Museum

One of the great things about the Portland Art Museum is that admission only costs $5 and it’s also totally free on the fourth Friday of every month.

Go Bowling!

Last of all, but most important one of the stand by things to do on a Date Night in Portland Oregon is to go bowling. There are tons of great places to go bowling including Grand Central Bowling where they have tons of great events each week including $3 games on Sunday nights.

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