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Don’t Miss Radiohead In Portland On April 9th

If you’re an alternative music fan like me, you’ve been a Radiohead fan forever and have all of their albums dating back to The Bends and Ok Computer.

The sad thing about alternative rocks biggest band is that they haven’t performed live in Portland for over 20 years but that’s going to change this year because the band just announced that they will be performing live at the Moda Center in Portland on April 9th

Radiohead – The Kings Of Alternative Rock

After being on top of the alternative rock world for over 20 years, Radiohead is still going strong because the band continues innovating and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down while other alternative rock bands from the 1990’s continue living off their old music or have long since split up.

It’s actually hard to believe that Radiohead started in 1985 and have been around for most of my entire life. Thankfully their music is still just as good as it was when they last performed in Portland at La Luna back in 1996.

A lot has changed since 1996; back then enthusiasm for grunge music was fading as fans of Pearl Jam and Sound Garden were graduating from college or getting jobs in the real world, and Radiohead was still one year away from releasing Ok Computer.

Back then, two of the other biggest alternative British rock bands in the world were Oasis and Blur. Thankfully; both bands have since faded into obscurity while Radiohead remains on top of alternative music world because of albums like Kid A, or 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool. Both albums are excellent examples of why Radiohead keeps fans coming back to their music and winning over new fans.

Don’t Miss Radiohead In Portland

With Radiohead there’s no guarantee on if or when they will play Portland again so if you don’t want to wait another 20 years to see them live you should grab some tickets when they go on sale TODAY through Radiohead’s website, and tomorrow 1/20 through the Ticketmaster website.


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