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Portland Oregon Is 5th Fastest Changing City in America

PDX at Night - by John Gustin

By PDX People

PORTLAND, Ore. – Thanks Two recent article from the Portland Tribune, and a report from Lending Tree, we know that Portland Oregon has officially been ranked as the 5th fastest changing city in America.

The Recent study is based on a combination of factors including home values, rent, the influx of brand new business percentage of homes purchased and also the diversity of the population.

5th Fastest Changing City in America

For Many longtime Portlanders, the news that Portland has been ranked as the 5th fastest changing city in America was not really news at all especially considering the fact that the Portland landscape looks strikingly different than it did just five years ago, But, that doesn’t mean that all changes to Portland or not unwelcome.

Most changes that we’ve seen in Portland in recent years are welcome, including changes to the local craft beer scene, restaurant, and food services but, there’s no denying that due to the rising cost of rent in homes in Portland in recent years we have seen more artists, writers, and creative full leave the city in favor of in influx of tech and other high paid professionals.

But, according to the report, Portland experienced more change in most of the other factors than the majority of other cities. The report says the city was:

  • 50 points above average in the rent change score

  • 57 points above average in the home value change score

  • 21 points above average in the foreclosures score

  • 6 points above average in the business change score

  • 2 points below average for the diversity score

Is Portland Still a Weird City?

Thankfully, in spite of the changes that we’ve had in Portland in recent years, the city can still be classified as “weird” and continue to remain a hotbed of creativity especially thanks to television shows and movies that have been from here in recent years like Portlandia and Grimm.

True, Portland isn’t exactly as weird as it once was but, our changing city still has plenty of great people who keep it real and will make Portland a great place to live in and visit for years to come.

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